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our approach towards sustainability

RICK RHE mission to create unique, exciting,

fashion forward dress designs which are

durable and long lasting.  

Our sustainable approach

Recycled PET Polyester

We use Recycled Polyester (rPET) materials for our digital print's fabrics. 

Sustainable manufacturing of textile

Our digital prints & embroidery textiles are locally produced in Korea with factories with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and BLUESIGN globally recognized certification in sustainable manufacturing of textile. 

Products are
made-to-order only

To cut back on a lot of waste as they don't end up with unsold inventory, all products are made-to-order only and handmade by dress makers in Italy & Romania with the intention of creating pieces that last long. 

size-inclusive dresses

We produce offer no limit to sizes; we offer made-to-measure dresses with digital pattern making system meeting diverse customer's needs. 

Environmentally minded sensibilities

Each garment is constructed with materials like silk, cupro and all of our dress linings are made from viscose.

Durability & quality

Our dresses are produce using high quality materials which are durable, long lasting. 

Fair trade

We only with factories committed to paying a fair living wage and providing safe working conditions for their employees.

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